2022 was a year of travel and challenge for Jim.

In January, Jim’s childhood dog Colby parted ways with Antonio and moved to Seattle to live with Jim. Colby went to work with Jim often and enjoyed walking around the nearby park.

Colby’s chronic illnesses and old age got the best of him in May, and he passed away. He was 17 years old. Colby was a very important part of the family, as each person shared a special connection with him.

Jim spent much of winter and spring preparing for self-supported multi-day bike races. In the process, he biked all over Western Washington and visited Arizona, but then suffered a knee injury and took a break from biking. 

In the summer, Jim went paddle boarding and played pickleball with friends while continuing to work at Bike Works Seattle, providing bike education and low/no cost services to people in the community. He helped train and organize over 30 people to participate in the Seattle to Portland bike ride in July! That same weekend, his girlfriend Hannah brought home an Australian Shepherd-Poodle puppy named Olive.

At the end of summer, Jim started biking more regularly and did many of his favorite mountain pass rides, like Hurricane Ridge and Sunrise Visitor Center. Here is a link to some photos of the year.

Jim took a trip to Minnesota in September to see Lola Josie, Antonio, and the cousins. He had a great time playing with the kids and eating supper with the family daily. He also tried to do a 1000-kilometer race from St Paul to Canada and back along Lake Superior. He rode through the night to get to 400 kilometers but withdrew due to injury recurrence and exhaustion.
Pictures of my Minnesota visit: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XwhQCiWiXguvHvpq9

In November, he and Hannah moved to Burien with their dog and cat. The following month he turned 28! 

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