Gus and Jordan

After getting married in May of 2020 and holding off on travel plans, Gus and Jordan belatedly took their honeymoon in January of this year. They traveled all around South Florida in a Tesla, with some of the highlights including swimming with the manatees, going to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, and relaxing in the Florida Keys.

Gus continues at 2nd Cycle and took on the manager position at the non-profit bike shop. He now keeps the shop stocked well and makes sure all the repairs are done on time. A couple of highlights have been organizing a Ramen Ride, where API folks ride and gather for Ramen, and the Rapha Prestige, where he organized a team of 4 PoC(persons of color) riders to ride mountain bikes 40 miles in Bellingham.

Jordan changed jobs and splits her time between the Health Department and as a home health nurse, taking care of a child with high needs. She likes to bake bread from time to time.

Gus helped organize a milestone of a 4 PoC (persons of color) team for 2nd Cycle to be represented at the Rapha Prestige in Bellingham, Washington. It was 60 miles and the whole team finished.

This was a year to celebrate many friends’ milestones in person, from weddings in San Diego, California, and Lopez Island & Sumner, Washington to a godson being baptized in Moscow, Idaho. Weekend getaways became normal again, visiting Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Idaho Falls, and Boise. Here is a link to some of our photos for the year.

Merry Christmas 2022, Happy New Year 2023, and blessings from our families to yours!

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