K. My New Home State and Climate

My Washington family is slowly moving away from Washington State and they will be in transition as well. So, I asked my sister if I could designate my address as their residence in Minnesota. Since I am a dual citizen, I declared Minnesota as my USA domicile state for document delivery, voting, and taxes. I have lived in many places, including harsh winter states like Colorado and North Dakota, so cold winters are not new to me. I still have the winter parka that I kept for these occasions.

However, this is the first time that my motor home is going through a harsh winter season. It was a big task to winterize it. The windshield washer fluid from Washington is only rated to 0º F and needs to be -20º F. I had to drain the plumbing and inject an anti-freeze fluid. Even though I washed my motor home in the larger car washes many times throughout the trip, I learned that dirt does not come off by power wash alone, but from every scrub that comes from the hand of man. I had to move out most of my things from my home and move them to climate-controlled storage. If not for staying here, I would be in the southern states for the winter.

Winter comes very quickly here. The foot of snow on the ground at this point will no longer melt until the spring. When it gets very cold, your breath and fine facial hair freeze quickly. I look forward to the warmer months when we can enjoy water sports again.

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