E. New Adventures

I set out for my new domicile State of Minnesota. It took me not three days, but over three months! This was my farewell to the western USA. The National Parks in Utah are especially hard to reach as they are far from major airports. Rather than in the past going on a trip and back home many times as being very expensive, I can now be home in my motor home all the time while traveling through these places.

Up to the last minute, I had been packing and organizing in my storage unit in Washington which delayed my departure by a few hours. I arrived at my first campground in Central Oregon very late at night after passing through some mountain areas of snow in early May. The following days brought beautiful weather. And going through Utah, we had some cool weather on some days and saw plenty of intense desert sunshine on other days, and many times hot. Since I left the Philippines in 1984 I haven’t had such beautifully bronzed skin, especially on my legs, to the envy of many, even young studs.

I went through many places during the course of a few months, covering 10,000 miles or 16,000 kilometers by land, and many more by air. This was not purely a vacation, but life continues on the road. There are designated days for church, work, chores, repairs and maintenance, provisions, and sightseeing with photographic work, so the stopping points conveniently provided online access and access to maintenance facilities without being in a very remote, isolated area. With my new lifetime National Parks Pass, I took the opportunity to visit as many of them as possible.
Here is the photo album of the trip: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MA4DKmvFddJuv5V76

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