The year 2021 closed with my house sold at the peak period of its market price before inflation hit. I was able to pay off the mortgage, home improvement, and personal loans. The year 2022 started with buying a small used motor home to live in. I had been looking for a while and the right unit came at the right price, so it was a quick purchase. It is small enough to be driven around town and big enough to live comfortably, especially for one person.

It had very low miles and with its age, I had to bring the maintenance to current. The previous owners updated many fixtures in the living area. Being my first motor home, I had to learn how it works and how to fix and maintain things. One big task was resealing the roof and drying the water seepage areas. I also invested much in upgrading the functionality, such as installing an anti-sway bar and drinking water filtration system.

Much of the winter was the overwhelming task of moving out. It was very complicated. There was much in the house that was moved twice from a bigger house. My parents’ things were still in boxes and now I had to handle them. My motor home has very limited cargo space, and any excess things quickly take over the living area. My Philippine condo is quite small, leading to a more minimalist lifestyle. And it was mostly me doing the moving with some help from family and friends.

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