Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2020! May the joy and peace of the newborn Christ be with you!

Of course, it’s not easy this year for many to say or accept that, with the COVID pandemic and many disasters like the battering of typhoons in the Philippines late in the year. But Christ is in our midst, not encased in a gift box, but right within us. His hand is guiding us through all this.

It has truly been a year for us in addition to COVID. Jim had an enjoyable, but suspenseful trip to the Philippines, Lola Josie had a stroke, Lolo Sonny died, Gus and Jordan were married, Antonio started his spiritual direction course in Spain, and a dozen people we know died of non-COVID causes. It has truly been a year of purification and direction underneath the trepidity. May the coming year bring you hope and courage.

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